School Uniform Requirements

We are proud of our ‘Chisi J’ uniform and encourage your daughter to be neat and clean at all times.

Official Stockists

Glen Abbey in Arundel Shopping Centre
Enbee Stores in Sam Levy's Village

Thrift Shop

Times:  School Term – 7:00 to 8:30am, 12:00 to 12:45am. 
Run by the Sick Bay Sister.  Items for sale are second hand. 
Open the morning preceding the first day of term from 8:00 to 12:00am.

Summer Uniform (Term 1 & 3)

Grade 1 - 7
Chisi J school dress
Short beige socks
Brown leather, polished school shoes – buckles/lace-ups. (Black is acceptable)
Bottle green floppy hat / peak with Chisi J emblem. 
Bottle green ribbon or scrunchy or alice band, if worn. 
Bottle green or black raincoat
Bottle green art apron

Winter Uniform (Term 2)       

Grade 1 & 2 Grades 3 – 7

Long sleeve Chisi J blouse - with bottle green pinafore
Bottle green trousers (optional) worn with short socks
Long beige socks
Brown leather, polished school shoes
Bottle green pullover jersey with Chisi J emblem
Bottle green floppy hat/peak with Chisi J emblem


Long sleeve Chisi J blouse
Bottle green pinafore
Long beige socks
Brown leather, polished school shoes
Bottle green pullover jersey with Chisi J emblem
Bottle green floppy hat/peak with Chisi J emblem


Bottle green gloves and scarves are allowed.  Knee blankets for the especially cold days!  We also allow hot water bottles, but they have to be filled at home.

Number Ones'

To be worn on school outings, Final Assembly and Prize Giving

Clean uniform
Blazer (Grades 4 – 7)
Long white socks (Summer), Long brown socks (Winter) 
Brown leather, polished school shoes.(Black is acceptable)
White ribbons and/or white alice band if hair is long enough to be tied up.  Brown/black hair clips. 

Note: for some class outings the girls wear gym kit, hat, track shoes or similar.  The Teacher will specify this. 


We have two types of hats: - a floppy one and a peak - which most girls find useful for sports but which is quite acceptable in place of the floppy hat.  Hats are COMPULSORY at break time and during sports activities.  They are to be worn when arriving and leaving school, and if in school uniform outside of school grounds.  They are not to be worn indoors.  Please ensure your daughter's hat fits her and is permanently labelled.  These go missing regularly so having 2 hats might be a good idea.  Please choose a hat made of Hartell/Mandy and not Drill which fades.

PE Kit

Grade 1 & 2 Grades 3 – 7
White PE top with bottle green collar & sleeve trim
Bottle green shorts
Short white socks
Clean tackies/trainers
White PE top with bottle green collar & sleeve trim
Bottle green shorts or skorts
Short white socks
Clean tackies/trainers
School track suit – compulsory for team members
School Blazer – compulsory for 1st team members

Chisi J Green and white swimming costumes.  Swimming cap colour of your house (when known).

First Team Sports Kit

This is handed out ONLY after a signed letter from the Sports Director is handed back to the Bursar with a parents’ signature.  These are to be returned to the Bursar at the end of the relevant term or they will be charged to your account.  All matches – home and away, girls are required to be in either their clean first team kit or PE kit.  Depending on the sport, tracksuits or blazers are compulsory.  The Sports Coach will inform the girls of this. 

Swimming Team

Girls must wear the Chisi J green and white swimming costume and will be handed a school swimming cap to be returned at the end of third term.  They are to have 2 bottle green towels.  The school tracksuit should be worn to and from galas.

House T-shirts

These will be issued for an event and please to be returned clean to the House Captains/Staff afterwards.

School satchels and tog bags

We encourage only bottle green or black school bags if these cannot be bought through our stockists or Thrift Shop.  Please ensure the use of a waterproof book bag, easily purchased from a stationer, to protect their books from leaking bottles and lunch boxes.  Your daughter’s name should be clearly marked on the outside and for the younger grades it is a good idea to replace buckles on satchels with Velcro, and attach something belonging to your daughter so that she will recognise her satchel straight away e.g. a little charm or soft toy on a key ring.

Name Badges

To be worn on the school dress tie.  These are ordered from the School Secretary and billed to your account at the end of term.  Name badges for new grade ones will automatically be ordered early in the first term.  Other badges such as House Captain, Team, Clubs and Societies and Grade 7 badges are awarded accordingly and presented to the girls in assembly.

No- No’s!

NO fancy earrings, only small silver or gold studs or sleepers. NO other jewellery except for religious purposes. NO nail polish.  NO make-up.  NO hair colours, only natural! NO beads in hair extensions – must all fit comfortably with the school hat and within a swimming cap.

Lost property

Every evening the school grounds are cleared of lost property and it is placed on the cupboards in the back of the Administration Office, near the Bursar’s Office.  The Sick Bay Sister will try and return labelled items each morning to the respective classrooms via the duty team girls.  Any unlabelled items are left out to be collected. Girls are encouraged to check here.  At half term and again at the end of term a table of unclaimed lost property is placed in the Anniversary Garden and any items not claimed by the end of the year are discarded or given to a children’s home.   We encourage you to permanently label EACH ITEM including lunch boxes and bottles.


I T   I S   V E R Y   I M P O R T A N T   T O   P E R M A N E N T L Y   L A B E L   E V E R Y T H I N G

Final Assembly and Prize Giving

"Number Ones" for the girls are compulsory. Parents are expected to be dressed appropriately and not to embarrass their daughters by being late.  Because of the size of the Hall, generally two parents are allwed to attend and no young children or siblings.     

Birthday Celebrations

We have a tradition of making the girls feel special on their birthday by allowing them to wear flowers in their hair.  “Happy Birthday” is sung to them in assembly (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).  Should their special day not fall on an assembly day, she is permitted to wear flowers on the assembly day prior to her birthday.  This also applies to those girls whose birthdays fall in the holidays, ie the last assembly of term.  Most birthday girls enjoy spoiling their entire class with a helping of cake but this is not a compulsory treat!