• Among the best Junior Schools for girls in Africa
  • The Gyles Dorward Hall - the heart of the school
  • Proudly Zimbabwean productions that educate and entertain...
  • Fons Vitae Caritas - Love is the Fountain of Life.
  • Nurture your daughter's talents
  • A range of after school activities...
  • ...with the best sports facilities
  • ...get your girls involved in the performing arts.

Important Announcements

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Mission Statement

Chisipite Junior School aims at being among the best Junior Schools for Girls in Africa.
The school offers a Christian, non- denominational education, open to girls of any creed.
The intention is to help girls to be competitive in the increasingly international nature of the professional and business worlds in whatever career they choose to follow, and to make them good citizens of Zimbabwe. This will be achieved by giving them a wide ranging education with good reasoning skills.
Regard will be given to the academic, sporting, cultural, artistic and practical aspects of a good education, with an emphasis on caring for others as encompassed in the school motto “Fons Vitae Caritas” – Love is the Fountain of Life.

Perhaps you did not know,
Chisipite is a Shona word,
Which means water from below
Thirst quenching, fresh and clean,
Essential, it keeps alive
The folk in our communal lands
Who struggle to survive.
So be proud of your school name
But remember what it means
And that Chisi is a way of life,
Others only have in dreams.

- Allan Munn