A daily register is taken, so if your daughter is unable to attend school for any reason please contact the secretary that day and a message will be given to the teacher concerned.  An excuse note from the parent/guardian is required the day she returns to school.  If your daughter is absent due to illness for more than two days then a doctor’s note is required.

Please note the same applies for sports activities.  An excuse note is expected for any PE lesson or afternoon activity that is missed.  Should your daughter not be able to attend sport for an extended period of time a doctor’s note is required.

Some girls pride themselves in having a full attendance record each term!

Start and Finish Times

School starts at 7:40am.  The girls should be in their classroom before 7:30am as there is much to do in the mornings.  Our school day ends at 12:00 for Grade 00, 0 and Grade 1, 12:30pm for Grade 2 and 12:50pm for Grades 3 to 7.  There are various places around the school where you can arrange to meet your child at pick up time.  These places are:

  • Under “The Big Tree” by the main car park
  • In the Anniversary Garden
  • Outside the Hall should your daughter be doing either Ballet or Modern Dance on a Monday or Friday afternoon.
  • From the Sport's Pavilion when it is raining
  • Children in the Early Childhood Development Centres should be collected from their relevant classrooms and accompanied back to the carpark.

Half term and end of term break up time will be announced each term.

Please notify the office should you be late in picking up your daughter.  Children in Grades 1 & 2 who have not been picked up by 1:30pm will be taken to the school dining room and a staff member will try to contact you.  Girls are generally quite upset if this happens so we do encourage you to keep us informed.  Parents/Guardians of children in Grades 3 to 7 who have not been picked up by 5:30pm will be contacted by the ‘Sweep’ Teacher on duty.  Please make sure your contact details are up to date with the school office.


Parking space is limited, and once your daughter has settled in at the beginning of the year there is no need for you to unnecessarily accompany her to the classroom, she can make it all the way on her own.  Your task is to safely drop or collect your daughter, it is not to be sociable and neither does your child nor her class need you hanging around.  At all times drive very carefully and courteously, you simply cannot be in a rush at this moment.  When parked, lock your car and ensure your valuables are on your person at all times.

  • Adhere to the signage.
  • Pick up or drop off in the designated parking areas and not in the marked areas or the Teachers covered places in the upper parking area.
  • Do not double park or park at the top of the driveway near the Office during peak times.
  • Drop and Go’ means that you do not leave your car but vacate the parking space immediately for the next parent.  Please stop at the furthest available space along to allow others to stop behind you.
  • Children should be accompanied AT ALL TIMES when crossing a driveway.  Drop off adjacent to a pavement or else they should be safely accompanied by YOU.
  • The lower ’Drop and Go’ is effective until 8:00am, after which it reverts to being a parking area.  A School Guard is on duty here until 8:00am to guide children across the driveway.
  • Before 8:00am the upper area is for ECD:A parking.  After 8:00am this area is re-opened for parking.