Matusadona Wild Life

In 1982 Mrs Jenny Mann, a former Deputy Headmistress of the school started an extraordinary conservation education initiative.  This incredibly valuable project is continuing as a school tradition.  The money raised used to assist The Zambezi Society’s work in support of the Black Rhino’s in the Matusadona National Park.  The process has become a matter of pride and tradition and thanks to the efforts of the Grade 6 pupils each year, Chisipite Junior School, has consistently given The Zambezi Society more funds in support of Black Rhino Conservation than any other donor in Zimbabwe or the region.  The Zambezi Society challenges other school’s world-wide to match this record!!

Two of the black rhinos previously hand-reared and released into the wild have given birth to calves.  The girls of Chisi J were given the honour of naming them.  One name chosen was “MURUME”.  This means “Man” in the shona language and the name is particularly apt, not only because the calf is male, but also in honour of Mrs Mann who inspired a whole generation of pupils to raise money to protect endangered rhinos!  The other named “CHISI” in recognition of the hard work and dedication from the girls of Chisipite Junior School over the years.

Subsequently it was felt that the funds should be used to support the Matusadona anti-poaching efforts to protect all game and the girls continue to support it with the same verve and enthusiasm as they have been doing for nearly 30 years. Each year we look forward to the presentation assembly during which the funds are formally handed to the Zambezi Society, the representatives of which enthrall the assembled school with an update of operations to protect all of the Matusadona wildlife.

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