No No Noah!

Our musical play No No Noah was performed by Grades 1, 2 & 3 on two exceptionally cold evenings in July.

The Grade 3 actresses were convincing in their various roles; the Grade 2's accompanying percussion added to the amazing singing and for the Grade 1's their debut into future Chisi productions!

The girls looked vibrant in their various costumes depicting water, trees and all the different animals and birds. 

The storm scene was very dramatic created by the rumblings of thunder from the piano, rain noise made by the cast by rubbing their hands together, clapping and stamping, the percussion instruments and the effect of high waves using long stretches of materials.  Great enjoyment was had by all - both from the girls and the audiences!

Grateful thanks to Debby Nolan Neylan for the artwork, to Mr and Mrs Mayger for constructing the authentic and practical Ark and to the Grade 1, 2 & 3 teachers for their work and support.

Congratulations to all!  ANITA WRIGHT