Music Report 2013


This year we have had an interesting and stimulating year.  In the first term the Junior and Senior Choirs, Grades 2MD and 2M entered the Allied Arts Festival as well as the four brave vocal soloists.  They all did well and gained confidence from the experience.  We held our customary Musical evening when the Orchestra (directed by Mrs Di Wright), choirs and individual musicians who had entered the Festival played and sang.  The evening was a great success. 

In the second term the Grades 1, 2 and 3's performed their musical play "No No Noah" - and they worked hard to achieve some outstanding acting, singing and percussion accompaniment.  Check out the picture album under the Gallery Tab.

The Grade 6 and 7 play, Roald Dahl's version of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' was postponed to the Third Term due to the early closure of Term Two - and this was well enjoyed by all.  The general consensus among the girls was that this year's play was the best ever!

The Senior Choir is preparing for the Combined Schools Choir Evening and the whole school is practising the songs for their respective Prize Giving Evening - so plenty of music is in the air!

Music and song lift the heart and emotions with joy!  Absorb as much as you can!

Thanks must go to Miss Julia Grotto and Mrs Fiona Mills for the piano accompaniments and to the Choirs for their dedication. 


The 2013 Choir has been very successful and this year we have become fonder of the music world.  We started the year with a big bang as we prepared for the Eisteddfod.  We practised extremely hard with lots of determination at school and at home (in the shower!)  We made ourselves proud at the Eisteddfod by achieving a 1st Grade.  In the first term we also took part in the Musical Evening held in our school hall.  It was a magnificent event for everybody. 

The second term Choir was small with only 15 musicians but we still sounded like a thousand angels!  All our practice sessions were filled with fun and excitement as we learnt all the songs Mrs Wright had prepared for us to sing.  The songs we sang in assembly brought tears to the eyes of the teachers and the girls.  The term ended by saying farewell to Miss Julia Grotto who left to go to Harvard University.  It was very painful for us to watch her go.  The third term is very busy as we are making our preparations for the Combined Schools Choir.  Unlike every other year, this year we are not singing Christmas Carols but singing fun and funky songs, e.g 'I'll Be There' (Michael Jackson) and 'Money Money Money' (Abba).  We would like to thank Mrs Wright (and Julia in her absence) for their hard work and determination as without them it would have been impossible to have the amazing and angelic Choir that we have today. 


During the course of the year, the orchestra has added many different songs to their music portfolio.  In the first term, we welcomed the new orchestra members from the Miracle Groups with open arms and started our prepartions for the Eisteddfod.  Every Wednesday we practised our pieces until they were nearly perfect.  Finally, on the day event, our Chisi musicians hopped onto the bus, and soon arrived at Prince Edward School ready to perform.  Our orchestra played really well and earned a marvelous 1s Plus

In the second term we visited Nazareth House to play for Berenice Boell, who had just turned 95!  It was a delight to see the joy on everyone's faces as they watched us performed for them.  Our orchestra also played in the Senior School's String Evening, and were astounded at their level of performance.  One day we wish to be like them!

We currently have 31 members in our orchestra.  Due to the Grade Sevens that are leaving, Mrs Wright will be left with a small orchestra of 15.  The orchestra is hoping to recruit more budding musicians in 2014.  On behalf of us all we would like to thank Mrs Di Wright and Julia Grott for making us a better orchestra.