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3 October 2022

New Head for Chisipite Junior School 14.03.22

14 March 2022 Dear Parents and Guardians APPOINTMENT OF NEW HEAD OF THE SCHOOL You are all aware that our current Headmaster, Allan Mayger, will be retiring at the end of August this year. This news has been sad for us all but we all certainly wish Allan a very ...

Headship Vacancy - Advert

1 January 2022 After twenty-eight happy years at Chisipite Junior School, the incumbent Head has decided to retire during 2022. The Board of Governors is accordingly searching for an exceptional person to become the sixth Head in the school’s ninety-two-year history. Chisipite Junior is a Girls Day ...

Retirement of Head 08.12.21

9 December 2021 RETIREMENT OF OUR HEADMASTER After 28 years of happy service to our school, out Headmaster, Mr Allan Mayger, has decided that it is time for him to retire. This decision, although fully understood, is of great sadness to the Board of Governors and staff of the school ...

Article: Girls at single-sex schools mentally tougher

20 August 2021 A recently released study from the United Kingdom has found that girls who attend single-sex schools are generally more confident and emotionally in control than girls attending state and independent co-educational schools. AQR International’s mental toughness research also indicates that the pandemic may ...

Words of encouragement from the ATS

23 July 2021 Dear ATS Parent It is safe to say, I believe, that none of us are in a position that we would have ever chosen - not our children, us as parents, schools, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, government, none of us. But we are where ...

ATS Article January 2021

18 February 2021 Thomas Hardy is most well-known for his tragic novels but his great love was in fact poetry. One of his most moving poems was called The Voice , published in 1914, which began with the lines: Woman much missed, how you call ...

ATS Article February 2021

1 February 2021 A popular comic duo of another era had a famous sketch where they enticed a world-famous conductor on to their show to conduct their orchestra while one of the duo played the piano in what was to be Grieg s piano concerto.

ATS Newsletter January 2021

10 January 2021 I have referred elsewhere to a lovely piece (originally produced as a poem) which recorded that a university professor once bemoaned about his students that, Such rawness is a shame; Lack of preparation in the school is to blame. The Sixth Form teacher ...

ATS - CHISZ letter to Parents August 2020

1 August 2020 Dear ATS Parents We would like to update the parents of all pupils in ATS schools regarding the current situation in which all our member schools find themselves.

CAP 2020 Letter from CHISZ Chairman

28 July 2020 ENTRY TO ATS SCHOOLS IN FORM ONE 2021 CHISZ Heads advise the parents of Grade 7 children looking for Form One places in ATS schools in 2021 that the usual Common Assessment Paper will now not take place this year. CHISZ believes wholeheartedly that the ...

ATS - Quality Feat

28 January 2020 Strawberry Secret, Fruit and Nut Fantasy, Orange Cream Escape, Enchanted Toffee, Noisette Supreme, Hazelnut Surprise, Fudge Delight... do we know what these are? Names of race horses? Of musical bands? Recipe titles? Those with a sweet tooth might recognise them - they are some of ...

ATS - A Challenging World

28 May 2019 In Scotland, there are two very evocative and effective expressions that suggest people are in imminent danger, primarily as a result of their own actions, it has to be added: you are heading for a spreading is one such expression while the other ...

Prize Giving Speech - Mr D Roberts

29 November 2018 Well it s a very good evening to tonight s Honoured Guest, Mrs Gillian Hindmarsh, members of the Board of Governors, Ladies and Gentlemen, Headmaster and teachers and last but by no means least, the girls of Grades 4 to 7. This could have been ...

Prize Giving 2018

16 November 2018 Parents are cordially invited to their requisite prize-giving evening. All girls attend the prize giving for their grade. We must point out these are not suitable for young children. Each prize giving is followed by refreshments, and then a performance by the girls.

School Box Challenge

20 September 2018 Chisipite has again agreed to participate in the School Box project, which is a country wide effort to help Children in Need to get to school with the essentials that they need in the classroom.

Tech Tips July 2018

13 July 2018


14 June 2018 VISION: Empowering relevant, high-quality, holistic education in member, non-profit, independent schools.

Prize Giving Speech - Mr Dave Roberts

1 December 2016 Well it s a very good evening to tonight s Honoured Guests; Graham and Anne-Marie Clark, members of the Board of Governors, Ladies and Gentlemen, Headmaster and teachers and last but by no means least, the girls of Grades 4 to 7.

Prize Giving Speech - Mr Graham Clark

1 December 2016 Good evening to you all. Firstly - I would like to thank Mr Mayger and our Chairman for their very kind words. Despite this being an evening of celebration for our students who have excelled this year, it is tinged with a degree of sadness ...