Improvements and updating of facilities

The most obvious recent development at the school is the extending of the hall, with considerable improvements and updating of facilities. At the moment the frames are being installed with UV protected strengthened glass which is over 6mm thick. The floor is being laid, electrics finalised, and the dozens of non-structural jobs required to finish a building are being tackled. If you have done any building yourself you will know the sort of thing which is involved. When the old frames and roofing were removed they were found to be in even worse condition than we had anticipated. A large proportion of the ‘pan tile’ roof sheets have had to be discarded, but if anyone would like to buy the remaining ones, please contact Mr Greener, the Estate Manager, or me as soon as possible. Similarly, the windows and door frames are available and we would expect a very moderate price given their condition. This enormous task, being completed very quickly, has come at a time when much expensive maintenance was due anyway. Paving around the hall will soon be in progress, and will be extended to the ‘Anniversary Garden’ area.