Heads Letter Term 1 April 2023

Dear Parents,
Wow! That was an incredibly busy term! We are ending Term 1 on a high note with several great achievements. Our girls participated in the EPSA Athletics and won 1st place in the girls' schools division. Over the last few weeks, many of our girls participated to a very high standard at the Eisteddfod. In Archery over the weekend, our Chisi Archery A Team came 1st in the 'Bulls Eye' and '3D' categories. To top this' our girls participated in Chess, Gymnastics and Judo last weekend and we are so pleased to see them achieving their best, and in every event showing up in Chisi style, with quiet determination and grit. None of this would be possible without excellent parental involvement, effective teaching and coaching, and a great deal of hard work from our girls. We are a proud Chisi family as we end this term.