From the Headmaster

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 1

11 September 2023 The third term of 2023 began with our Head Girl, Mwakawashe Mafunga, reading the school reading from the Bible. This tradition brings us comfort, gives us hope and reminds us of our intentions to love one another. To be kind, to show empathy and integrity.

Heads Letter Term 3 September 2023

4 September 2023 Dear Parents, This is a short letter to welcome you all back to school! I hope that you have had a super break from the busy routines of school life. There are no afternoon activities in the first week. School ends at the following times for Week ...

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 13

3 August 2023 The last Newsletter of the Term. Enjoy your break!

Heads Letter Term 2 August 2023

3 August 2023 Dear Parents, Thank-you to all of you for your amazing support this term! It does not go unnoticed how supportive you are at school events and with picking up and dropping off your children on time. Staffing: We say a very heartfelt farewell to Mrs Lyn Mayger, ...

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 12

28 July 2023 Have a look at this weeks news!

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 11

21 July 2023 What s in stall this week?

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 10

14 July 2023 Enjoy what s been happening this past week!

Heads Letter Term 2 July 2023

3 July 2023 Dear Parents, What a fun filled, action packed term this is! Firstly, let me thank all of you for your support with all aspects of school life especially your unwavering support at school sports fixtures. Staffing: Miss Hough will take over from Mrs Mayger and is already ...

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 8

30 June 2023 Enjoy reading this weeks Newsletter from Ms Lightfoot.

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 7

23 June 2023 See who won Merits this week!

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 5

9 June 2023 The 2023 Fountain Fives put on a fantastic event last Sunday. Thank you so much for the splendid organisation. To all of you who supported us, thank you! It was loads of FUN!

Heads Letter Term 2 June 2023

7 June 2023 Dear Parents, Can you believe that we are almost halfway through the year already? I am enjoying my first, second term very much so far. I hope that you are all settled into the routines of the term as well. General Updates: Miss Hough and Mrs Jennings are ...

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 4

2 June 2023 Have a great Weekend! See you at the Fun Run.

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 3

26 May 2023 Happiness is Break-time with friends, with delicious, healthy snacks!

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 2

19 May 2023 We are re-painting the walls outside the gate. A spot check in the senior girl s bathroom was VERY pleasing! We are continuously improving through conscientious monitoring, evaluating and effort.

NEWSLETTER Term 2 Week 1

12 May 2023 Over the holidays, many of the classrooms were painted, and are looking clean and bright! New generation touch screen SMART Boards were fitted in 7 classrooms, the chalk boards have been removed and replaced with white boards (we are still waiting for a few of these ...

Heads Letter Term 2 May 2023

10 May 2023 Dear Parents, Welcome back to school, I look forward to another exciting term at ChisiJ! I hope that you have all had a wonderful break from school events and routines. Thank you for being up to date with school fees and trip payments.

Heads Letter Term 1 April 2023

1 April 2023 Dear Parents, Wow! That was an incredibly busy term! We are ending Term 1 on a high note with several great achievements. Our girls participated in the EPSA Athletics and won 1st place in the girls schools division. Over the last few weeks, many of ...

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 12

30 March 2023 Thank you for your support. Have an amazing holiday. Miss L.

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 11

24 March 2023 Community spirit looks like this… QUIZZINGO! Thank you to the Froggy Five and the Fountain Five.

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 10

17 March 2023 Grade 3M performed our first class assembly of the year . It was absolutely delightful ! Though they have changed the school uniform. This assembly will always stay special in my heart as it was my first Chisi class assembly. Thank you Mrs Mayger.

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 9

10 March 2023 Happy International Women s Day! In assembly we learnt about how the roles of women have changed and we felt so lucky to be able to come to school and to choose whatever kind of job that we want.

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 8

3 March 2023 Well done to Mrs Shoko and our Marimba ensembles, they have received an Honours and a First Grade at the Eisteddfod.

Heads Letter Term 1 March 2023

1 March 2023 Dear Parents, Can you believe that it is March already? Firstly, I would like to thank parents for your flexibility around picking up your girls due to inclement weather. It certainly has been a great rainy season and our grounds are looking particularly lush. Thank you ...

CLOSURE of School Friday 24th February

23 February 2023 We have received instructions from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to close all schools tomorrow Friday 24 February 2023 due to tropical storm Freddy. Please see the attached letter. The parent teacher Target days tomorrow and Saturday as well as all sporting events have ...

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 6

16 February 2023 Thank you to everyone who baked, bought and sold goodies on Tuesday. It was a huge success. Well done to the Fountain Five!

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 5

13 February 2023 The hall looked beautiful on Tuesday evening for the new parent s cocktail party. Thank you to Mrs Wheeler for the decor, Mr Mberengwa (our chef) for the delicious eats and Mrs Ferreira and girls for the artwork. Thank you parents for attending and thank ...

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 4

6 February 2023 Another 4 SMART TVs have been installed this term. These replace the projector and SMART white board combinations that we had previously. The SMART TVs do not need a projector and are completely interactive. Replacements will continue gradually throughout the school.

Heads Letter Term 1 February 2023

2 February 2023 Dear Parents, Wow! It s already February. Thank you all for your contribution to this year so far. It has been very a positive start to 2023. Our home/school partnership grows stronger, and our pupils are happy. I feel that home/school communication has greatly improved, thank you for learning to use Class Dojo so effectively. I would like to mention the Information Sharing Evening and say thank you to both staff and parents for their engagement in the process and for the wonderful buzz around the school that evening. I ...

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 3

30 January 2023 What a rainy wet week! Thank you all for your co-operation this week with the wet weather. At least Anderson House had their House Athletics session.

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 2

23 January 2023 Morning cross country has started; those that have taken part have enjoyed it. Well done to the parents who have run alongside their daughter s and thank you to the sports staff for being there in the early mornings.

NEWSLETTER Term 1 Week 1

16 January 2023 Thank you for coming to our Information Sharing Evening. There was such a wonderfully exciting buzz around the school. Thank you for your attendance and participation in the event I hope that it was helpful to everyone.

Heads Letter Term 1 January 2023

6 January 2023 Dear Parents, Happy New Year! I wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2023. I am looking forward to the start of school and to seeing all of you and your children on Tuesday 10th January. Staff have an Inset Day on Monday, which ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 13

2 December 2022 The End of Year events have been such fun and entertaining! I would like to thank all our talented staff and pupils for all their hard work on the stage and behind the scenes. Thank-you parents for your attendance and your help with the ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 12

28 November 2022 Our 2023 Head Girls are announced. Congratulations to Deputy Head Girl, Wandipa Marimo and Head Girl, Mwakawashe Mafunga . They stand next to the out going Head Girls, Kaityn Reilly and Alexis Johnsen. The girls in the audience went wild! I think that our staff ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 11

21 November 2022 What an incredible week for swimming! Our A Team did us proud in the EPSA 1st Division Gala last Saturday by winning the Girls section. Support for all the schools was fantastic and our Chisi parents were outstanding supporters. Thank you all! ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 10

14 November 2022 What a week! Things are getting so busy, and it seems as though the weekends are as busy as the weeks! It s been a week of growth for me, I have grappled with some tough stuff.

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 9

7 November 2022 The best thing about this week, apart from the rain, was when the girls spontaneously erupted into a whole school conga line! I was wondering around the playground with the girls and suddenly they started rushing to join some of the Grade 7 s who had started a ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 8

31 October 2022 It has been another busy week at ChisiJ! This week has brought me closer to the inner workings of the school. It was lovely to meet the new 2023 Grade 1 parents yesterday at their Welcome Tea. I am sure that the staff changes ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 7

24 October 2022 Mr Greener did get some fumigation done...well in a manner of speaking - the field was treated for pesky crickets on the Friday of the long weekend. The installation of the solar panels has been completed and it is ready to run. We have ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 6

18 October 2022 Hooray! Exams are over These Grade 7s have a lot to overcome before the end of the year, including their internal assessments. However, they have a lot to look forward to as well. Let’s work together to keep them enlightened and engaged until the end ...

Heads Letter Term 3 October 2022

7 October 2022 Dear Parents, What a wonderful month it has been! I have enjoyed getting to know the girls, the teachers and some of you. It s been a busy start to the term, and I have really enjoyed getting stuck into ChisiJ life. This is a very ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 5

7 October 2022 This week has been very positive, not only have I finally managed to meet with all the staff, but I have also started planning for next year. I have met several wonderful people and hope to have an announcement about staffing ready for you quite soon. However, I need ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 4

3 October 2022 This week has been punctuated by daily trips to the ZIMSEC Head Offices, more specifically to a warehouse on the ZIMSEC grounds. Alongside my fellow Headteachers, I have delivered exams papers every day and will continue to do so until exams finish. I have become fond of my daily ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 3

26 September 2022 This week has been busy, I feel more relaxed, as I get a little more settled. Today marks my 1 month anniversary in Zimbabwe. It s been a steep learning curve in all areas of life! I continue to feel that ChisiJ is a safe ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 2

16 September 2022 This has been a very busy, productive week! I have met with many of the staff, including with Mrs Milner, our Sports Director, Mrs Wall, our ICT teacher and Mrs Fowlds, our Music Director. Also, I met Mr Greener, our Estate Manager, and Mrs De Bruijn, who runs ...

NEWSLETTER Term 3 Week 1

12 September 2022 It s been a wonderful week! Thank-you for making me feel so welcome. It was lovely seeing and meeting so many of you on the roadside in the mornings and at pick up time. The staff have been fabulous, we have had a few very positive strategic meetings this ...

Parent's Circular - New Heads intro letter 01.09.22

2 September 2022 Dear Parents, Hello! I have relocated successfully and am very happy to be writing to you for the first time as the Headteacher of Chisi J. I m delighted to be here at last. I am filled with gratitude, excitement and a fair amount of trepidation.

Parents FINAL Circular 29.07.22

29 July 2022 A good place to start this circular is to thank our Grade six parents, who as last year s Grade fives, were not able to run the traditional Fountain Fives Fundraiser . They have collected money between themselves and added a most welcome amount ...

Parents Circular 22.07.2022

22 July 2022 We always know that the end of term is approaching when the usual afternoon activities programme starts changing. This week has seen the final inter-school matches, except for hockey against Springvale, and we have been most impressed by some very good sport played by our ...